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One breath they were not there, the next they were; and none was nol nearly frozen at their coming.

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Are You Ready To Accelerate Your Business
(Even In Today's Economic Climate)
and Start Dominating Your Market Today?

Re: Innovation Jumpstart

My name is Steve Sponseller, and I teach entrepreneurs and business leaders how to tap into the power of innovative ideas to grow their business. I have been working with businesses and innovators in a variety of industries for more than 20 years. In that time, I have worked as an Electrical Engineer and an Intellectual Property attorney – these experiences give me a unique perspective on Innovation from both the "inside" and the "outside".

After working with hundreds of innovators and business leaders, I have developed proven systems and techniques to identify and implement innovations in any business. These business innovations can:

Increase revenue

Reduce expenses

Create a competitive edge that attracts new customers

Position the business as an "innovator" that creates a buzz in the industry

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Create a "fun" working environment that attracts top personnel

You can grow your business – even in today's difficult economy – by harnessing the power of innovation. Innovation Jumpstart will teach you a system for identifying, evaluating and leveraging innovations throughout your business while creating a "culture of innovation" that produces a constant stream of creative ideas. The

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Innovation Jumpstart training includes audio recordings you can listen to on your computer or MP3 player, and a 26 page workbook in PDF format to help guide you through the process of leveraging innovations in your own business.

A Practical System Focused On Getting Results Quickly

The Innovation Jumpstart training focuses on strategies and techniques that will start generating results in your business quickly. This training program is not a class full of theories that may not work in your company or are time-consuming and costly to implement. Instead, Innovation Jumpstart is focused on activities that will produce results in your business quickly – to "Jumpstart" your Innovation Action Plan. I know this training produces positive results because the same system has been used successfully in many other businesses – and I use this system to achieve great results in my own company every day. Innovation Jumpstart describes the I.D.E.A. System for leveraging innovation in any business. The I.D.E.A. System is discussed more below.

You Already Have A Powerful Source of Innovative Ideas
In Your Business – Have You Tapped Into That Source?

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Motives, Claudia said, plopping down on the sofa next to Luc.

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She would deny it, and then Agachak would let her have you to do with as she chose. In his early twenties Mailer was himself a Second World War combatant in the Far-Eastern theatre.

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A few of the topics covered in Innovation Jumpstart:

How to streamline internal business procedures to reduce costs and improve efficiency

Discover a specific brainstorming exercise that can dramatically boost your sales for years to come

Create "must have" product or service features that will generate "automatic sales" by satisfying unmet needs in the marketplace

Free sources of creative ideas – implement these creative ideas to dominate your market

Creating an Innovation Team in your organization that produces a flood innovative ideas – any one of which can create a strong competitive edge in your industry

Learn to apply a 5-step system for solving problems and developing innovative ideas at the same time

Yes, I'm Ready To Get Started

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To be candid with you, we in Starfleet do not think these are really Iconi ans.

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Absorbed in immediate and nearby matters, Burl took no heed. They didn't, they wouldn't, push the attack with the spirit required to destroy the enemy.

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"Today's businesses MUST innovate or become extinct. Steve Sponseller's innovation process is simple, compelling and incredibly effective. Examples illustrate all the varieties of innovation businesses can consider for immediate gains in efficiency, effectiveness and incremental revenue. Truly brilliant, any business owner will benefit hugely from Steve's work."

Elaine Starling


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When Tsion finished, Zeke drew a sleeve across his wet face, moved to his hands and knees, and then awkwardly rose.

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I know you travel for profit, Jurdef said after that, swishing a bit of wine in his own mouth, swallowing.

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It was almost two hours more before the Terrans finally arrived.

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"Steve is a brilliant attorney who is both client focused and hard working. He is a pleasure to work with."

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Tiny vestigial wings began to vibrate excitedly against the thorax, which was very narrow. A spiderweb: he should have realized it from the first, but it was so peculiarly human in its brutality that he could never have conceived of anyone's using it.

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The noise level, as she keeps walking, is becoming phenomenal, industrial, music, songs, Godzilla-volume sexual midwaypitches in Japanese.

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David Halvorson
OnPoint Legal PC


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Before the duchess could say any- thing, Geloe spoke up from her seat on the bank nearby, where she had been tidying Leieth's hair with a comb made from fishbone.

You may honestly think that you're doing Jerlet's work, but you are wrong. He gazed up at N'ton, a sly look in his eyes though his expression continued bland.

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"Steve is a special kind of business professional. His passion in educating people on innovation and intellectual property rights coupled with a big picture, strategic approach to his clients needs makes his practice perfect. Steve's professionalism and integrity is of the highest I've come across in my career."

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The older girl might have known what was going on.

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With the destruction of the telephone wire our only link with civilization had been snapped.

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Anna Sokolova
Eurasian Investments, LLC

Dominate Your Market With High-Demand 
"Must Have" Products and Features

The I.D.E.A. System mentioned above leverages innovation throughout any business by:

I – Identifying All Innovations – Learn multiple systems for generating creative ideas that become "seeds" for future products or solve problems in your business or industry. Systems and techniques are also discussed for capturing and managing innovative ideas developed throughout your business.

D – Developing An Innovation Culture – Make innovation a daily activity for people in all parts of your organization. Learn how to use training techniques, special events and other activities to get people focused on problem-solving and idea generation. Reward people who submit innovative ideas and celebrate innovation success in your business.

E – Evaluating All Innovations – Develop a system to review and evaluate innovative ideas. Learn how to put together the right group of people to fully evaluate ideas and prioritize multiple ideas.

A – Action – Discover ways to leverage innovative ideas to grow your business. Learn how to start taking action today and how to track your results (your ROI – Return On Innovation) to further encourage innovative thinking. Developing a list of innovations does not provide value to your organization – leveraging those innovations can create dramatic results.

I'm Ready To Get Started with Innovation Jumpstart

Innovation Jumpstart teaches a system to identify, evaluate and leverage innovations throughout your business while creating an "innovation culture" that produces a constant stream of creative ideas. The Innovation Jumpstart training includes immediate access to audio recordings you can listen to on your computer or MP3 player, and a 26 page workbook in PDF format that guides you through the process of leveraging innovations in your own business.

Innovation Jumpstart Training

YES! I want to Accelerate my business right now by discovering
how to apply innovation and boost my bottom line!

I understand that I will receive:

  • Immediate access to the Innovation Jumpstart audio training. You can download the audio files to your computer, MP3 player, or other device and listen at your convenience.

  • A 26 page Innovation Jumpstart Workbook in PDF format. You can download this workbook to begin applying the I.D.E.A. System and other techniques in your own business today.

  • Special discounts on future programs and courses.

Yes, I'm Ready For An Innovation Jumpstart!


P.S. Apply these practical steps in your business today to start generating the business growth you have been looking for.

P.P.S. Take advantage of the special "early bird" pricing of just $47 right now. The regular price of this course is $97.


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